The Soulful Story

Let There

Be Stew!

Since the dawn of civilisation, in all corners of the globe, man has been enjoying stew:

a warming blend of ingredients in a single pot, gently simmering for hours on the heat,

to produce a satisfying flavoursome meal.

Life today is fast-paced (time seems the ultimate luxury!), with too much modern-day food

that is cheap, processed and frankly, soulless. That’s where we step in!

The flame was lit under the soulful cooking pot in 1999, fuelled by that heartfelt quest for simple, handmade, wholesome food. We craved a back to basics approach.


Our Wings

We hit the markets of London, where our healthy streetfood had them queuing around the block. But we wanted to spread our soulfulness beyond the city.

We restored a gorgeous vintage airstream trailer and headed off round the country to music festivals, events, fayres and concerts, serving up hearty goodness. From muddy fezzaheads to regatta glitterati, they enjoyed every lovin’ spoonful. But still there was a hunger needed satisfying.

However, erase that soulless production line image!

We’re sure robots are great when you get to know them,

but our OnePots are prepared by hand. With care.

And just in small batches.

"And so we bundled up our good mood food

into a handy grab-and-go tub

for everyone to experience across the land!"

Heart & Soul

They say you get out of life what you put into it (whoever 'they' are) and the same can be said of a meal! Well, rest assured we put our heart and soul into our OnePots.

The meat we use is, naturally, reared outside and 100% British, but also we insist that it has to come from a farmer we know and trust. And the chunky fresh vegetables we use are delivered daily from Covent Garden market. Ingredients are expertly combined by hand in our Greenwich kitchen and slow cooked. You can’t rush these things.

And we refuse to add any artificial preservatives. (That's why our OnePots are kept refrigerated.)

So you see, we don't do anything half heartedly.

When it comes to a meal, what's just as important as the carefully sourced ingredients and the finely tuned recipes is the time and the passion that is put into it.*

We feel it's an investment that pays off by the mouthful.

And that’s a rare find in these hurried times.

So sit back and savour the ultimate

in wholesome, healthy comfort food.

*Hmm, maybe time and passion should be added to 'nutritional info'.