What's a OnePot?

Our Soulful OnePots take cooking back to basics: simple, honest ingredients, gently cooked by hand in, you guessed it, one pot. Like man has done since, well, the caveman days.


We believe our balanced recipes provide everything you need for a wholesome, nutrient-rich, satisfying meal.


Each OnePot contains either grains, pulses or noodles, packed with slow releasing energy to see you through the day.


So there is no need to 'just add rice' or anything. (Though you're welcome to if you want. We won't call the food police.)


And they're handy too! Freezable... microwaveable... and oh so loveable.

That's our OnePots!


So What's on the Menu?

Where Can I Find Soulful Food?





...and you can now get a OnePot on Eurostar too!

(Chestnut Mushroom Stroganoff only)