Soulful OnePots are deliciously convenient, nutritionally balanced meals designed to help you thrive.


We slowcook each self-contained OnePot meal from simple, natural ingredients (protein-rich grains, lentils, good carbs) delivering fabulous slow-releasing energy to fuel your busy day.


Soulful OnePots are a square meal in a round tub... just heat & eat!

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Super functional plus super tasty, Soulful Super Soups are here to help you busy folk take time out to do yourselves some good.


Made with fresh veggies and natural ingredients, they provide all that warming natural goodness to keep you feeling your best.


Our thoughtfully balanced recipes are all Vegan and Gluten Free, with Low Fat and Low Salt options too.

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Three exciting new soup sensations... meet the Soulful Ramen!


A ramen is a savoury broth with noodles and other toppings, traditionally associated with Japan, though it was originally cooked up in China. (The word 'ramen' comes from the Chinese 'lamien': a noodle made using a pulling, stretching method.)


Our tasty range includes: a delicious Sweet Miso Ramen with tofu and mushrooms... a hot and sour Teriyaki Kimchi Ramen with edamame and choi sum... and our nutty Chicken Sesame Ramen with ginger and bamboo shoots.


It's all in the pot, so you can just heat & eat!


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Bone Broth is slow cooked to extract all the nourishment and beneficial nutrients from the bone and marrow that would otherwise be wasted.


Rich in proteins, minerals and nutrients such as amino acids and collagen, it is also incredibly comforting and delicious!


We have a Chicken Noodle Broth and a Vietnamese pho-style Beef Bone Broth for you to try, both of which are Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Low Fat too.

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Hold the oven door!

We’ve only gone and added a cheeky little Soulful twist

to the absolute ultimate in comfort food: macaroni cheese.


Whether you’re after a new and exciting lunch in minutes, or a fabulously sumptuous dish to add a cheesy wow to your dinner table, our new range of Soulful Mac & Cheese is sure to hit the spot.


There’s four exciting recipes to discover… from the traditional cheddary delights of Kale & Butternut Mac with a sprinkling of mixed seeds, to the soothing Persian Mac with its harissa warmth. Our sweet and spicy Korean Mac is topped with tangy kimchi and is ridiculously moreish. Finally, and most excitingly, we have our nutty Vegan Mac, with squash & greens in a buttery cashew, almond & turmeric sauce, finished with a seeded breadcrumb topping.

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Our Soulful Macs all come in the perfect size for a meal for one, or a side dish for two.


Both the Korean Mac and the Vegan Mac are also available in a larger pot for two, or for mealtime gatherings.


Like all our Soulful Food, these mouthwatering Macs are handmade with care in small batches in our own kitchen. But unlike our trusty OnePots, these creamy concoctions come ready presented in a terracotta dish.


This means you can bake them in the oven for extra crispy-topped goodness (though they’re still awesome if done in the microwave when your hunger just can’t wait).


Plus you can proudly present the earthenware straight to your dinner table. No need to get the fine china out. Enjoy!


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We hope you love the terracotta dish as much as the mac that comes in it.

It’s always better to REUSE rather than RECYCLE and there are hundreds of ways to reuse this earthenware pot. At your desk, around the home, in your kitchen or in the garden...







Let us know what inventive things you do with yours!


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