Our Soulful OnePots are a square meal in a round tub... a self-contained, nutritionally balanced meal.


But don't let that stop you thinking outside the pot.


Serving Suggestions!

There's no time for cooking when you're bingeing on a boxset... but you still need to eat properly!


Use a Soulful OnePot as a hot and wholesome dip for your tortilla chips. Sri Lankan Cauliflower & Kale works particularly well.

Our Vietnamese Pulled Pork in a bun makes for a tasty alternative to a burger!

Now that's a wrap!


We used to serve all our OnePots in wraps at festivals, but you don't need to be dancing in a field in your wellies to enjoy them.

A sprinkle of fresh pomegranate seeds to this Butternut, Lentil & Spinach Hotpot doesn't just make it prettier. They're super good for you too!

A hard boiled egg is easily taken to work and added to your lunch.


They go so well with a curry such as Thai Green Chicken or Sri Lankan Cauli, Kale & Quinoa.

When served with fresh steamed vegetables such as green beans, mange tout & peas, a Soulful OnePot can become a meal for two.

Why not serve up some gorgeous chargrilled cauliflower and aubergine with your OnePot?

A sprinkle of toasted nuts and seeds makes a great crunchy topping.

West African Peanut & Chickpea with a side of steamed broccoli.