5 best ever recipes for a vegan Christmas feast

5 best ever recipes for a vegan Christmas feast

We’ve got five super tasty and impressive plant-based Christmas recipes for you!

Make them as a one off as part of a vegan roast, or make them all for a plant-based vegan Christmas feast.

Think of this as your very own guide to a plant-based Christmas, keep reading for totally mouthwatering food inspo…

If you fancy making more of a feast, check out the recipes below for even more inspo for your vegan dinner spread!

What’s next?

Start here and get dipping…

Vegan Lentil Fritters & Raita Dip

The star of the show

Easy Vegan Wellington

Because we all like a little something on the side...

Wild Mushroom Stuffing

Something sweet for dessert?

Jewelled Avocado Chocolate Mousse 

Don’t forget the treats!

Vegan Dark Chocolate, Cranberry & Pistachio Tiffin

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