Need A Little Soul?

An image of Donald Trump eating some vegan food

We all need a little more soul from time to time - and some more than others!

For our first ever advertising campaign we wanted to make sure people would take notice, so we decided to feature some people in need of serious soul and the imagined effect having some Soulful food could have on them.

Our founder Iain started Soulful Food to offer nourishing, hearty and seriously tasty meals to help people thrive. As the world gets ever more challenging, we want people to think about how they can look after themselves and in doing so start to have a positive impact on those around them. 

What you eat is a brilliant way to take care of yourself and Soulful Food makes wholesome comfort food to nourish your body and your mind.

We’re not claiming we can change the world with our OnePots and SuperSoups, but we can hopefully create a moment of soul in your day, a moment to recharge and see things in a more positive light.