4 Ways to Upcycle Your Empty Pots

An image of someone placing pots of herb plants in a tray

Our packaging is all recyclable - both the plastic pots and our card sleeves, and you can return your packaging and insulation to us so it can be used again and again.

 They’re pretty handy to use as Tupperware to prep portions of overnight oats for breakfasts through the week but we’ve put our creative caps on to bring you our fave ways to upcycle our OnePot or SuperSoup box, whether you’re doing it on your own or you’re doing it with littlies.

Plant pots

Perfect for that Chinese money plant you’re definitely going to remember to water.

  • Pierce the bottom of your empty OnePot with a skewer about 5 times to create drainage holes.
  • Cover the drainage holes at the base of the pot with 2cm – 3cm layer of pebbles or gravel to the base of the pot to allow for good drainage.
  • Add compost to the bottom of the pot, using the plant in its existing pot as a guide to the depth to add, ensuring that the top of the root ball ends up just slightly below the rim of the new pot.
  • Use your fingers to  gently tease the roots apart to encourage them to root into the fresh compost then firm the compost in the base of the new pot and set the plant in position.
  • Fill the gap between the rootball and the sides of the new pot with more compost, adding it in layers and pushing it down with your fingers. Continue until level with the top of the rootball. 


Want to add more soul?

Use some twine and glue to wrap around the pot until it’s completely covered to give it a rustic rope look.


A new home for your dry foods

Say goodbye to plastic packs split down the sides (how annoying is it when that happens?! 🙄)

Empty your half opened bags of quinoa, rice or bulgur wheat each into their own clean & dry OnePot.

What’s more, they’re stackable and you can see just how much you have left before you need to go to the shops and stock up!


Want to add more soul?

Get that label maker out. Lentils, pasta, quinoa, pearl barley, name it and you can label it.


Pen pot

Find yourself scrabbling around looking for a biro that works, a ruler or a pencil? We’ve all been there.

Our empty OnePots can hold loads of pens, plus colouring pencils in all the colours of the rainbow.

Set your littlies to work this holidays decorating your pen pots, all you need is a bit of paint, some wrapping paper, stickers or glitter!


Want to add more soul?

Decoration inspiration can be found: 

  1. Here
  2. Here
  3. Here 


Bird feeder

Another idea that’s perfect for a holiday craft.

All you’ll need to do is cut a hole for the birds, and a smaller hole for a little perch (we use the blunt end of an old colouring pencil and hang it up. Fill the jar with birdseed and enjoy your birdwatching!


Want to add more soul?

Send us a pic of the visitors you get to your feeder on instagram @soulfulfoodco.