When time is short because you're writing that paper, or cramming for an exam, we've got you covered! maybe you're just in need of some nutritious food durig Freshers' Week?

Get nourishing and tasty plant based meals delivered straight to you at your halls or the house you share with your course-mates. These vegan pots of deliciousness will keep you going through those late nights and early mornings (whatever the reason 😉). They're easy to heat, ready in minutes and will have you fuelled all day or night. We have meals full of protein, gluten free and packed with veg so you can have something delicious without the guilt (we know about those chips from last night). And importantly it's all about being smart with your money so with the StudentBeans discount they are also perfect if you're on a bit of a budget!

We're not guaranteeing you a 2:1, but these easy vegan ready meals will help to set you up to give it your best shot!