9 ways to use cauliflower

An image of a cauliflower

There are fewer glow-ups quite like the one had by cauliflower in recent years.

This humble vegetable has gone from being broccoli's ugly cousin, to one of the most versatile veggies around.

If you still think that cauliflower smells like old socks, you're doing it wrong and we're here to help.

Here are 9 different ways to use cauliflower in your vegan recipes.


1. The cauliflower centrepiece 

Roasting a cauliflower whole is a showstopping centerpiece for any dinner table. Chop the outer leaves off and place under the cauliflower. Smother the whole cauliflower in Harissa paste, drizzle with olive oil and roast in an oven until cooked through. Serve whole on coriander hummus with pomegranate, fresh mint and a tahini drizzle. Why not make some homemade pitta to go with it too?!


2. It's great to grate

Cauliflower rice is a great low carb alternative and makes for a tasty stir fried rice alternative. Try adding peas, spring onion, crispy tofu and season with soy and chilli for a healthy takeaway alternative! Grating or ricing cauliflower means you can combine it into pretty much anything, burgers and cauliflower pizza bases work very well! 


3. The steaks are high

Cauliflower steaks are delicious pan fried or roasted. They act as a sponge so absorb flavours really well; try marinating in Korean chilli paste and serving on lentils and kale, or pan fried in a little plant based butter and garlic and served with a zesty walnut salsa verde. Why not try cauliflower schnitzel and coat in breadcrumbs and deep fry until golden?!


4. Fry baby, fry

Dip in a beer batter and serve with a homemade tartar sauce or toss the crispy bites in a hot vegan buffalo-style dressing for cauliflower “wings” – the perfect party snack! Try stuffing into filo parcels with spices and cooked potato and serving with a spicy mango dip. 


5. Salad days

Try shaving the stalks with a peeler and tossing into a salad with raw fennel, orange segments and fresh mint - serve with a dressing made with fresh orange juice, capers and plenty of olive oil. 


6. Mac is back

Everyone loves cauliflower cheese, but imagine it veganified! Make a roux with plant based butter, plant based milk and plenty of nutritional yeast, add in steamed cauliflower, paprika and cooked pasta. Bake with breadcrumbs and more nutritional yeast – so delicious and comforting! 


7. Taco Tuesday (and Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...)

Coat with some Mexican spices such as cumin, paprika and garlic and roast on a tray with a little olive oil until crispy. Stuff into homemade tacos with fresh avocado, pink pickled onions and fresh chilli. 


8. Picalicious Piccalilli

The perfect addition to any cheese board! Add cauli florets (leaves and all!), diced courgettes, green beans, shallots and mix with mustard powder, spices and sugar until completely coated. Heat in a big pot with vinegar. Pack into jars and serve with your favourite nibbles, or slather on hearty sandwiches. This also makes a great gift for foodie friends! 


9. Don't make a hash of these hash browns

Coarsely grate the cauliflower or chuck in a food processor, add a couple of eggs or use a replacement like OGGs, chopped spring onion and season with salt, pepper and a little garlic powder. Shape and fry in oil until golden and crispy and serve with your favourite breakfast items – the best brunch recipe! 


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