Vegan Good Mood Food 🧠❤️

A photo of vegan stews in bowls

We like to think of Soulful as Good Mood Food, but what does that really mean?

Over the next few posts we are going to share some of the science behind our thinking. In other words, why eating Soulful could help not only your physical wellbeing but also your mental wellbeing. 

This week let’s talk fibre.

Specifically, dietary fibre and the gut-brain axis.

This is the link between what is going on in your gut (all the organs from where food goes in to where it comes out!) and what is going on in your brain.

 Fibre found in fruit, vegetables, whole-grains, lentils and pulses encourage the production of fibre-loving bacteria strains in the gut that produce short-chain fatty acids or SCFAs for short.

These SCFAs impact how much serotonin (our main ‘good mood’ chemical) our body produces.

More fibre = more fibre-loving bacteria = more SCFAs = more serotonin. The result is that a high fibre diet can help reduce the impacts of stress, help with sleeping patterns and help with relaxation. 

And where can you find plenty of these fibrous foods?

Well Soulful of course! We pack our OnePots with vegetables, whole-grains, lentils and pulses. So, not only are they a super tasty way to grab a quick lunch, they can also help your body and mind to cope with the stresses of life.

How’s that for Good Mood Food?  

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