Our Top Vegan Delivery Picks

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Our Top Non Food Vegan Delivery Picks

We’ve got you covered for the ultimate in convenient, healthy and deeeeelicious vegan meals delivered straight to your door (humility clearly not our strong point here), but what about when you want to go vegan beyond just what you eat? Which delivery services are out there that can make your life a little easier and a little more veganier (yup, we’re coining that word).

We’ve picked our favourite delivery companies that make gorgeous vegan products to make your life more sustainable and a little bit easier to boot.

Cleaning - Neat - www.neatclean.com 

We love Neat! From their gorgeous, simple designs, to the fact their bottles and sprays are all refillable (meaning less plastic waste and less transport!), and that these  products really work. Oh, and they smell amazing too! The Anti-bacterial collection is a winner and great value too, including everything you need to keep your home germ free. Or you can give one of their products a go for a bargain £5 trial. And Neat’s ethos means their products are vegan, made from plant-based materials as well as being free from dyes and colourings, parabens, phosphates, ammonia, chlorine bleach and sulphates. Free delivery for orders over £20.

Beauty - Upcircle - www.upcirclebeauty.com  

Upcircle is all about using the byproducts from other processes to make their gorgeous beauty products. For them it’s a way to reduce waste created by other industries, in particular the food and drink industry. Think coffee grounds turned into a scrub or a toner made with left-over water from juice production. And they are also venturing into refillable containers to make it a truly circular business. Why not try the Best Seller Bundle to start you off? Free delivery on orders over £20.

Protein Bars - Misfits - https://misfits.health

Misfits are a bunch of self-proclaimed snackaholics who wanted to make vegan snacking that everyone can enjoy (we’ve done a lot of ‘sampling’ and can confirm they are truly indulgent). High in protein and low in sugar, Misfits bars are a guilt free way of satisfying those mid morning cravings or fuelling yourself post-workout. They’ve just launched cereals too, so you can get your plant-protein hit at breakfast (or whenever you want a bowl of crunchy vegan tastiness). Check out their Protein Bar Variety Pack to give all the flavours a go. Free delivery over £35.

Vegan Supplements - Wicked Gummy - www.wickedgummyco.com 

We all know a balanced diet should give us the nutrients we need, but it’s easier said than done. So for those times when you feel like you need an extra boost the team at Wicked Gummy have created a range of vegan nutritional gummies (the clue is in the name) that are basically like having a sweet! From the classic multi-vitamins to the Peaceful Sleep with 5-HTP and L-Theanine, and the Happy Tummy with pre and pro-biotics… they’ve got you covered. The Vegan Bundle includes an Iron gummy which can be one of the harde nutrients to get in a vegan diet. Free delivery over £25.

Let us know your favourite vegan delivery companies and we can add them to the list or let us know how you get on with our top picks.