Soulful self-care ideas ❤️🧠

An image of someone reading in a bath

It’s going to be great getting back to normal, but let’s not kid ourselves, it’s been a weird time. Readjusting to life post lockdown can be stressful. 

Self-care plays an essential role in how we respond to the uncertain or stressful times in our lives.

It may feel strange focusing on yourself when you are living through a crisis situation like a pandemic, but it's more important than ever to maintain your mental and physical health during this time.

Here’s our lists of musts to take your self-care to the next level in the coming months...

1. Nail your morning routine

It's been Groundhog Day for the last zillion weeks and routine has felt more like we’re on a loop. Create a new routine to inject some energy into the start of your day. Keep it simple, whether you're a fifty-star-jumps-when-you-get-out-of-bed kind of person or practising some deep breathing whilst the kettle boils is more your vibe. Here’s a quick one we like.

2. Don't push yourself too hard

With restrictions lifting, it's easy to overcommit to doing things and feel overwhelmed, which only results in us getting more stressed. 

Be kind to yourself and commit to doing just three tasks a day, or break what you need to do into smaller tasks. You'll feel less guilty overwhelmed and more motivated.

3. Get outside

Being outdoors can lower your blood pressure and reduce stress. Simply looking at trees lowers our main stress hormone, cortisol, plus, your parents meant it when they said fresh air was good for you.

Why not go for a 15 minute walk before you have some lunch? Head to your local green space and put your phone away. Tree hugging optional.

If you're unable to get outside, give one of our nature mindfulness sessions a go, they're free and only take 10 minutes. 

4. Make positive swaps

Self-care is often packaged as buying a new top or binge watching Netflix. Those things are great, in moderation. Self-care makes tomorrow easier.

Make a list of nourishing swaps for comfort food, alcohol, online shopping and screens - meet your needs but make sure it's in a healthy way. 

Need some nutritious comfort food? We know just the place... Check some of these out...

5. Reduce screen time 

Social media is a great way to connect with friends and family, but it can also be stressful when there's a lot of bad news. 

Turning off push notifications on social media apps can reduce screen time and help reduce feelings of comparison and missing out. Trust us, you're really not missing out.

We'll be sharing our favourite books next month, ditch the tech and pick up a book, there will be less mentions of the c-word.


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