Top 3 vegan nuggets

An image of some vegan nuggets


We sure do love a chicken nugget, but what if it doesn’t fit in with your plant-base diet? 

One of the most popular foods for meat lovers, plant-based companies have stepped up to offer vegan chicken nuggets that nail the flavour and texture.

But how do you know if it’s going to be worth your time?

Fear not, we’ve put our tastebuds to the test and have tried some good, bad and downright clucking terrible no chicken nuggets, so you don’t have to.


  1. THIS Isn’t Chicken Plant-Based Nuggets

We had to include these tasty little morsels by our mates at  THIS.

If you manage to resist eating them all in one go, save some for the next day to have in a chicken Caesar wrap, just add vegan mayo, some black pepper, lemon juice and chopped baby gem lettuce.


  1. Squeaky Bean Crispy Nuggets

Squeaky Bean vegan crispy nuggets are your new sidekick in the kitchen. They make the kind of plant-based food you can happily crave.

Dip these bad boys straight into the ketchup or master the art of a waffle nug sandwich! Outrageous, right?



  1. The Vegetarian Butcher Little Peckers

The Vegetarian Butcher truly rules the roost with these vegan chicken-style nuggets! Birds of a feather flock together for this 100% golden brown, guilt-free treat. 

Love The Vegetarian Butcher? Our Top 5 Vegan Fast Food Menu Items in the UK blog will be right up your street!


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