The Soulful Serving Guide

A photo of vegan Soulful OnePot curry with a vegan raita

We like to think of Soulful as the ultimate fast food.

Our vegan OnePots are ready in only 3 minutes, plus each OnePot is at least 2 of your 5 a day, under 400 calories and is packed with veg, grains and pulses to keep you going until your next meal.
​What's not to love?
But when you're feeling extra fancy, why not give your OnePot a little something?

  • Our favourites?
  • A squeeze of lime for some extra tang 🍋
  • Dial up that heat with chilli flakes 🌶 
  • Get fresh with some coriander 🌿 
  • Go all Otto Length with some pomegranate seeds 🤌 
  • Get your Salt Bae on with some seeds ✨ 
  • A dollop of dairy-free yogurt 🥛

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You can order our super easy vegan OnePot meals to be delivered to you anywhere in the UK*. The ultimate in convenience. Delivery is free on orders over £34.99. You can also pick them up in Tesco, Co-op and Ocado.