Viral 2 Ingredient Oreo Mug Cake Recipe

oreo cookies

Find yourself fancying something sweet after dinner?

This one's for you.

2 ingredients.

2 minutes.


This recipe went viral because of how easy it is to make and because of how tasty it is. With only 2 ingredients, Oreos and dairy free milk, you can see why. You can be on your way to a party of one (in your mouth) with this dense, chocolatey, and rich mug cake.

Want to get the easiest and fastest vegan dessert recipe in the world?

Read on!



  • 8 Oreos
  • Dairy free milk



  1. Place 8 Oreo Cookies in a large coffee mug. 
  2. Fill milk up just below half way of the Oreo cookies and use a fork or spoon to mash cookies into a cookie soup. It should be dark and mushy with the cookies and while liquidy, it should have more cookie than milk. Should be dark gray/light black in colour.
  3. Place in microwave and zap for 75 seconds on high.
  4. Pull out mug and check, your mug cake may need up to 15-30 seconds before done.
  5. Let sit about a minute before eating so it can solidify. 
  6. Remember that mug cakes are not the same consistency as a regular oven baked cake and are more dense and "brownie" like in nature. 
  7. Optional, but recommended: top with more crushed Oreos 😉 


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