What being a B-Corp means to us

An image of 3 Soulful Vegan OnePots and the B-Corp Logo

Here at Soulful, we have B-Corp certification because we believe our business should do good. 

But what is a B-Corp?

We've had to undergo a rigourous assessment to reach the high standards BCorp set that balance profit and purpose. B-Corp are committed to redefining success in business and building a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

In other words, B-Corps are businesses that balance profit with having a positive impact on individuals and the world around us.


At Soulful, we ensure we do the following:

  • All our food is plant-based.

This means a lower impact on the planet vs meat and dairy-based meals.

  • Our packaging is all recyclable and if you order online from us you can return it for free for us to reuse.
  • We value a diverse workplace and hire people that represent the world around us.

We're proud to have achieved this status but it doesn't mean we can sit back - we can always improve.

We’re looking to reduce plastic in our packaging (hopefully remove it completely!), source from suppliers with similar values to ours and continue to make Soulful a place where people from all backgrounds can thrive.


And we like to think this makes our Soulful meals taste that tiny bit better still!

Find out more about BCorp here.

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