Welcome to the Soulful Hotpot Blog

The Hotpot is our blog dedicated to all things Soulful - recipes, plant-based nutrition, new product launches, plant-based hacks to make life easier and some of our ponderings on how to maintain a state of soulfulness.

We like to share things that interest us so you can get a sense of what makes Soulful tick and hopefully we can help you feel a little more soulful each day too.

We'll aim to publish something at least once a week, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less, but we don't want to bombard you. Your lives are busy enough as it is! And helping you navigate your busy world is top of mind for us - it starts with our super convenient, quick and easy plant-based meals, but also means our recipes and hacks are all about keeping it simple.

We hope you enjoy the Patch, but this isn't a one way street. Don't hold back: tell us what you want to read about, which recipes you liked and tried, which hacks worked for you and what your own tips and tricks are.

You can email us your ideas and photos at hello@soulfulfood.com - we love to see them, and from time to time we will add them to our blog.

Stay Soulful!