Since 2015 RCK has sought to help thousands of fellow human beings who have through various circumstances become displaced.

The support they provide is all about using highly nutritional food not only to keep people healthy but to connect with them on an emotional plane.

This shared value of nourishing food and nourishing the soul is what inspired us to partner with RCK and help support the amazing work they are doing.

To kick off our support, we will be donating a percentage of our profits for every meal sold as well as providing our nourishing food direct to RCK’s kitchens.


Since 2013 we’ve supported Fare Share with donations of our Soulful Food. In 2019, we donated over 30,000 meals to those in need.
Fare Share believe that no good food should go to waste so they redistribute surplus food to those in need. Any food that we produce that can’t be sold through our retail partners gets sent to Fare Share to give out to good causes who provide food as part of their service. This means that rather than throwing food away it gets put to good use and enjoyed by thousands of people across the UK.