Our top 5 favourite vegan mud masks

An image of a hand holding a pot of mud facial mask

One of the Old English names for February was Solmonath which literally means “mud month.”

Now, February isn't exactly known for its glorious weather. But as the saying goes, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"... Or as we're now saying "when February gives you mud, make a mud mask".

We're not suggesting you head to the garden or your local park with spade. Absolutely not.


You know we like to make life easy for you, so we've gathered the team and their partners favourite mud masks and put them into our top 5.

1. Carbon Theory - Breakout Control Mineral Mud Mask

Charcoal, Tea Tree Oil and Mineral Mud Breakout Control Facial Wet Mask deeply nourishes and detoxifies skin via an intensive repair and anti-breakout treatment. The organic activated charcoal in this badboy gently draws out bacteria, toxins and excess oil.

2. Sand & Sky - Australian Pink Clay Mask

    Powered by Aussie botanicals, this 4-in-1 treatment will get you glowing in no time. A deeply detoxifying face mask, using effective yet gentle Australian Pink Clay to draw impurities, toxins, and pollutants from the skin.


    3. Lush - The Prince of Darkness

      "The scent is ... INCREDIBLE !!! And after using this , my face looked totally clean and smooth. Love this mask sooooo much !" - need we say more?


      4. The Body Shop - Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Mask

      This the real deal for skin that needs some intense TLC. It absorbs excess oil. Sucks out dirt and impurities. Exfoliates. Feels intensely tingly and refreshing, and gives you a bit of a healthy-looking glow – all in 5-10 minutes. You’ve been warned.


      5. GLAMGLOW - Supermud mask 

        Treat your skin to the GLAMGLOW Supermud Mask. The advanced clay mask is designed to combat problem skin, targeting blemishes, imperfections and uneven skin tone.


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