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5 daily habits to lead a more mindful life

5 daily habits to lead a more mindful life

We hear a lot about mindfulness - from bloggers and influencers, in magazine articles and there are even books written about it.

But why is there so much focus on it? Mindfulness can have some seriously positive effects on your life, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. We like to think of Soulful as good mood food (and sure, a forkful of a delicious OnePot can give you a boost), but there are many ways you can look after your mood and mental wellbeing. Mindfulness is certainly one of them. So put your self-care higher on your priority list; this will vastly improve your quality of life. Pause to be grateful. Acknowledge what satisfies you. Stop and smell the roses (seriously), or at the very least, look up from your phone long enough to see them 😉.

Read on for some tips on staying mindful - we've put together 4 daily habits to help you lead a more mindful life 🧘‍♀️.

Give them a try over the next week and see how you feel. Perhaps keep a daily diary of your mood and track how it improves as you keep up your mindfulness. And share with us your own tips as we love learning something new.